Micaflex OPD


Micaflex OPD operator panel is an accessory that reflects the main device's indications, alarms and functions. OPD is suitable for the pressure and flow sensors Micaflex PFT, PFA, PFC and PFTT as well as the moisture and temperature sensors Micaflex HTT and HTC/T2.
When the main unit is inaccessible, the OPD can be installed in an easily accessible location and from there control all functions of the main unit including alarms.

Communication between the main unit and the operator panel is through buffered I2C and is normally intended for distances of up to 10 meters. Some extension is possible but dependent on cable selection.

Technical Data

  • Available in version for wall mounting in plastic enclosure or for recessed installation with built-in frame.
  • Both designs include display cards and communication module (I2C module).
  • Two operator panels can be connected to each main unit.