Business areas

Micatrone is active in two business areas - Ventilation and Heat Production.


Most people spend most of their time indoors. Therefore, a good indoor climate is important both at home and at work. Buildings and premises must be ventilated sufficiently to keep the air fresh, but not so much that the environment is perceived as draughty. In order to control ventilation, reliable equipment is needed that can measure, monitor and regulate air flows as well as humidity, CO2 content and particle content.

In the Ventilation business area, Micatrone offers products for both standard building ventilation and for special environments, where there are higher demands on precision and long-term stability. Our products can measure, control and monitor air pressure, air flows, moisture and temperature with high precision. Our measurement systems are accurate and reliable even in very low pressure ranges - down to a few single Pascals.


The energy conversion from fuel to heat causes flue gas-, radiation- and convection losses. Our products help to minimize these losses so that optimal combustion with the highest annual efficiency is achieved. The products are primarily used in boilers with power ranges of 0.5 to 25 MW

By getting optimal power out of the boiler, we reduce heat production costs and reduce emissions of harmful substances in the combustion process.

Support and Quality

Micatrone delivers high quality products with a long service life. They are often used in environments where downtime entails costs and consequential problems. Reliability and accuracy are of great importance.

To meet our customers' high demands and expectations, we constantly work with quality in everything we do – from product development, advice and sales to delivery and service. Before delivery, each product undergoes a test process and comes with a quality certificate.

AB Micatrone is certified according to ISO 9001

. Our quality work is an ongoing development process.

We are happy to help you choose the product that best suits your specific needs. Our technical support is of course also available during installation, calibration and operation.

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