Micaflex PFTT ver 3


Micaflex PFTT ver 3 is a sensor and regulator for temperature compensated measurement and control of air pressure and flow.

PFTT recalculates the airflow to normal cubic metres at 0 °C or to flow at the current temperature. This function is used to compensate for the density changes in the air at varying temperatures.
The value of a connected temperature sensor can be obtained as a scalable volt or mA signal on one of the outputs.

PFTT also includes function to control automatic cleanblowing of flow measuring probes or pressure measuring sockets. For this function, one of the analogue outputs is used, which then controls a relay in the "Purging" unit. During the cleaning, the last is value or control signal is frozen.

PFTT comes with certificate and test report from factory calibration.

Technical Data

Temperature compensated airflow measurement
Input for Pt-100/Pt-1000 temperature sensor or other signal volt/mA
Purifier function of flow measurement probes (Purging function)
Two analog outputs, freely programmable
Built-in PI controller
Calibration protocol included
Accessories for Modbus data communication
Acoustic and visual alarm