Sustainability and the environment

Since its inception in 1964, Micatrone has developed energy-saving products and helped customers to effectively measure and control their heat production and ventilation.

Well-tuned heat production minimizes the need for fuel – biofuel, oil or electricity – which leads to more efficient use of resources and reduces emissions of environmentally harmful substances in the combustion process.

Efficiently controlled ventilation provides a better indoor climate in real estate, which is good for people's well-being in both the home environment and workplaces. In more specialized environments such as laboratories and hospitals, careful control and control of indoor air movements is a prerequisite for a safe working environment and care.

Our environmental goal is to continue to live up to and exceed customer expectations also in those parts of the business that relate to environmental and sustainability issues. This means that we continue to develop and manufacture products that promote sustainable resource utilisation and create a better environment both indoors and outdoors.

Our products are built to last a long time. Thanks to our quality work, their life cycles are often several decades.

We are constantly working with development in the field of sustainability. Some examples are: