Micaflex HTC/T2


Micaflex HTC/T2 is a humidiy and temperature regulator with a continuous PI regulator and a two-stage on-off regulator and value output.
HTC/T2 contains the function for measuring and regulating humidity, temperature, dew point, floating dew point and humidity ratio.
Floating dew point is the temperature difference between the dew point temperature of the environment and the cold surface temperature.

HTC/T2 comes with a test report from quality control.

Technical Data

HTC/T2 has two analogue outputs which can be used as an output for humidity content, temperatures, moisture ratio, dew point, liquid dew point and control signal.
Each output has 3 connections, 1 for Volt DC, 1 for mA DC and 1 common zero. The outputs allow both mA and the Volt signal to be used simultaneously