Micaflex PFA ver 3


Micaflex PFA ver 3 is a programmable differential pressure sensor for measuring and regulating air pressure and flow and monitoring with alarms.

PFA meets very high quality requirements and is EMPHASIS approved and used by the UK Atomic Energy Authority as ventilation monitoring in several facilities. Micaflex PFA is also used in clean rooms / airlocks for monitoring very low differential pressures between clean rooms and corridors.

The PFA can be equipped with automatic zero-point adjustment to eliminate the risk of operation at low pressure ranges, and with Modbus RTU for digital communication with higher-level systems.

Supplied with certificate and test report from factory calibration.

Technical specifications

  • Standard measuring ranges from 0...100 Pa to 0...5 kPa, and -50...+50 Pa.
  • Special measuring ranges on request, up to 10 kPa maximum range
  • Negative ranges with or without zero crossing on request
  • Two analogue outputs for pressure or flow and for regulation
  • Output signal between 0/2...10 VDC or 0/4...20 mA, scalable to the desired range within the sensor's range of measurement
  • PI controller for control of frequency converters or actuators.
  • Two separate alarm relays and built-in buzzer.