Since its inception in 1964, Micatrone has developed and manufactured measurement, control and monitoring systems for heat production.

In 1980 we also began to develop systems for measuring low pressure and airflows in ventilation systems.

Since 1999 we are also developing measuring equipment for humidity content in ventilation systems.

Boiler control

Our first major product was suppression control of oil-fired suppression boilers. The idea was to minimize the "poaching air" during operation and eliminate the throughput of cold air during downtime. A very large proportion of boilers in power range from 100 kW up to 10 MW have our systems.

Power selectors and dense motor butterfly valves

In applications with multiple boilers, it is both technically and economically important to have only the boiler(s) needed for current power needs connected in terms of flow. That task is done by the power selector.

O2 regulation

By measuring and regulating the O2 content of flue gases, the excess air in the combustion air can be minimized. This provides optimum fuel efficiency. Micatrone has manufactured systems for this since the early 1990s.

Low differential pressure

Demands from boiler control systems to be able to measure very low differential pressure in a long-term stable way was the starting point for the development of our pressure sensors.

We have used this technique in the development of pressure and flow sensors for ventilation and air treatment.

Airflow measurement

Measuring airflows in ventilation ducts is an interesting technique that Micatrone developed in the 1990s. The system consists of a flow measuring probe that is mounted in the duct. By its design, it creates a higher differential pressure than the corresponding types of instruments. The measured differential pressure is converted into flow/speed by a flow transmitter.

Humidity measurement in air

Humidity in the air can cause corrosion, condensation, mold and slower manufacturing processes. In 1999 we started to develop measurement, control and monitoring systems for moisture content in different ventilation systems.

Family business

Since its inception in 1964, Micatrone has been owned by the Endre family, who are originally from Gotland. Micatrone is a stable company with AAA rating of D&B and Rating 100 points out of 100 possible of Our stable background and interest in development has resulted in long-term business relationships with both customers and suppliers.

Micatrone is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015