Micaflex PFT ver 3


Micaflex PFT ver 3 is a programmable differential pressure sensor for measurement and control of air pressure and flow. PFT is equipped with a scalable output signal within the measuring range and PI controller for direct control of e.g. actuators and fans. It can be equipped with accessories such as Modbus RTU for digital communication, MFM-ZP for automatic zero point adjustment at low measuring ranges, internal or external transformer for 230 VAC supply.

The Micaflex PFT is delivered with a factory calibration certificate and test report. For customers requiring cyclical checks, Micatrone offers factory calibration (with new certificate) and functional check of delivered sensors with a maximum age of fifteen years.

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Technical specifications

  • Standard measuring ranges from 0...100 Pa to 0...5 kPa, and -50...+50 Pa.
  • Special measuring ranges on request, up to 10 kPa maximum range.
  • Negative ranges with or without zero crossing on request.
  • Two analog outputs for pressure or flow and for control.
  • Output between 0/2... 10 VDC or 0/4... 20 mA, scalable within the sensor's range of measurement.
  • PI controller for direct control and regulation
  • Equipped with an acoustic and visual alarm.