The Micatrone flow measurement sensor MFS-SS is developed to meet high standards for accurate air flow measurement in all types of air handling systems. The MFS-SS averages the velocity profile over the entire duct area. In larger duct dimensions, several MFS-SS are linked together to capture the flow pattern and achieve maximum measurement accuracy.

The MFS-SS captures the differential pressure between the p+ and p- sides of the probe. Connected to a Micaflex series sensor, the flow can then be calculated and controlled.

Suitable applications

Flow measurement in flue gas ducts, process ventilation and other environments with high temperature and/or aggressive air.

Technical Data

Dimensions from 100 mm - 2 500 mm.

Manufactured to order based on customer specification

The differential pressure between p+ and p- is 2.5 times higher than the corresponding Prandtl tube measurement.

Made of acid-proof steel SS2348 (equivalent to AISI316L).

Can withstand temperatures up to 600°C

Resistant to aggressive or particle-filled air.

The MFS-SS has an 8/6 tube connection as standard, but can be equipped with a Swagelok, brass coupling or other connection according to customer specification.