Micaflex PU3 is designed to be used in conjunction with Micaflex PFTT or PFA-PU to prevent clogging of flow measuring probes or pressure outlets in dust-infused or condensing applications. The flow transmitter controls the valves of the cleaning unit. The time between each purging cycle can be programmed to 30... 3600 seconds and the time of each purging process to 0... 60 seconds. The output signal from the transmitter is frozen during the cleaning.

PU3 consists of two solenoid valves controlled by a built-in relay. All pressure connections are made on the outside of the box. The relay is controlled by 12-15 VDC from PFTT or PFA-PU.

Technical Data

During the pause period, the flow measuring probe/pressure outlet is connected to PFTT/PFA-PU.
During the active cleaning time, the two solenoid valves close to THE PFTT/PFA-PU and open to the compressed air, which blows clean the flow measuring probe/socket.