Micatrone motorized trotting valves are intended to be used as shut-off valves or regulating valves in cooling and heating systems with a maximum flow rate of 12 m/s. The valves are used in heating systems with micatrone's power selector MVP-300.

MTT-CS is a trotting valve with valve body and composite damper, EPDM rubber valve seat and stainless steel spindle.
The valve complies with pressure vessel directive 97/23/EC.
Flange gaskets are not used when installing. The valve is clamped between welding flanges PN-10/16 and is guaranteed to seal up to a difference pressure of 10 bar.
The MTT-CS comes with the MS-35M3 actuator, which together with a torque converter provides a torque of over 160 Nm when the damper disc is in the valve seat.
The actuator can be decoupled so that the valve can be operated manually. Via a switch, the actuator can be "locked" so that control signals do not affect the position of the valve.
Option: Regulatory actuator MS-35M4-LR

Technical Data

  • Powerful torque converter gives the actuator a torque of over 160 Nm when the damper disc is in the valve seat
  • Pressure class 10 bar
  • Suitable for both heating and cooling systems
  • Mounted without flange gaskets
  • Manually adjustable. The limit positions also work during manual operation
  • Valve body & damper plate made of high-tech composite material provides superior protection against corrosion and low weight