The MS-35M actuator with torque converter MTS-70 is intended for controlling and regulating butterfly valves in hot water pipes. Connection with torque converter kit MTS-70 can be made against other makes of butterfly valve valves with top flange ISO 5211 and pipe dimension DN 50..200 mm depending on the valve torque. Micatrone also supplies complete valves with mounted MTT-series actuators.


The high IP class actuator has a robust design designed for use in both boiler room applications and other difficult industrial environments.
The actuator has a high torque of 30 Nm which, with the torque converter mounted, the MTS-70, increases the torque to 160 Nm when the valve is in the closed position. Attachment to valves with F05, F07, F10 top flange. Ball-bearing supported movement between valve and torque converter.
As an additional accessory, position potentiometers or additional limit switch and heating element can be obtained.

The actuator can be mounted in all positions and normally requires no maintenance. However, placement that may involve a risk of water damage in the event of valve leakage should be avoided..

By default, the actuator has three limit switches:

  • 2 pcs for adjusting the 90° angle of rotation on the valve blade
  • 1 pc for signalling the intermediate position

Technical Data

  • 24 or 230 VAC control voltage