Welding socket for MFS-SS

Micatrone stocks standard welding sockets and couplings as mounting accessories for flow sensor MFS-SS. These accessories can be used to fit the MFS-SS to steel ducts. The welding socket can be extended with the threaded pipe union when mounted on insulated ducts. The half length socket 18.5 mm´s can toghether with plug be used as end support when installing MFS-SS´s longer than 1200 mm. At high air speed in the duct, end support may also be required for shorter probes. Note that sealant may be required for air tight connection.


Welding socket 3/4" x 18.5mm AISI 316 PN10


Welding socket 3/4" x 35mm AISI 316 PN10


Pipe union for extension R3/4" x 30mm AISI 316 PN40


Plug R3/4" AISI 316 PN10