Type-approved maximum temperature monitor, certified for module B


The MMT-1000 is a max. temperature monitor used to break up the safety circuit of a boiler if the temperature in the supply line from the boiler exceeds a set cut-off limit.


The MMT-1000 measures the water temperature, in the supply line from a boiler, with a temperature sensor of type Pt-100. MMT-1000 has a programmable cut-off limit and breaks up the safety circuit and gives alarms if the temperature exceeds the set cut-off limit

Technical Data

  • Monitors the water temperature in the heating system
  • Breaks up the safety circuit if the temperature exceeds the set cut-off limit
  • Separate alarm output
  • Manual reset via front panel or external connector
  • Triggered alarm does not reset automatically after power failure
  • Digital display of value and set cut-off limit
  • 5 LEDs show operating status
  • Own temperature sensor of type Pt-100
  • High protection level, IP 65
  • Product certified (type-approved) according to EC type-examination certificate module B for pressure equipment No: DK-0200-4.2486.1/05