MKV-1000 is a cold start guard that prevents the boiler from starting if the temperature in the boiler feed line falls below 50 °C in accordance with the Swedish Work Environment Authority AFS 2017:3 "Use and control of pressurised equipment", Chapter 6

  • Förhindrar start av kall värmepanna < 50°
  • Allows restart of boiler > 50° with periodic monitoring (not stopped by safety-related alarm)
  • Allows easy restart of boiler with operator in place if temperature drops below 50°
  • Easy-to-read LED display and five LEDs indicating operating status
  • Temperature sensor type PT-100
  • High enclosure rating (IP65)
  • A penalty fee may be imposed if a boiler (class A or B) is started in violation of AFS 2017:3, Chapter 6.