MG-O2R both measures and regulates the O2 content of flue gases.
MG-O2R measures o2 content and temperature in the flue gases as well as the temperature of the combustion air.
Using the O2 content, flue gas temperature and the temperature of the combustion air, the fuel efficiency is calculated.
The MG-O2R has a built-in continuous PI controller for regulating the O2 content.
The control area can be selected from 0... 5 %, 0... 10% and 0... 20% O2.
For step burners, the controller has three set points selected via two digital inputs.
For modulating burners and biofuel-fired boilers, the regulator has a table with room for 10 different set points

MG-O2R comes with test report from quality control.

Technical Data

  • Intended for biofuel or oil boilers.
  • Lambda sensor technology
  • Built-in continuous PI controller for regulation of O2 content
  • Alarm relay for :
    - Low O2 content
    - High O2 content
    - Low fuel efficiency
    - Low flue gas temperature
    – High flue gas temperature
  • Measures and monitors flue gas temperature
  • Measures combustion air
  • Calculates fuel efficiency