The MG-4000-R3 is intended for measuring the O2 content of flue gases from oil burners, gas burners and biofuel boilers.
The MG-4000-R3 can, together with a regulator, optimize the air/fuel ratio. As a result, the highest possible fuel efficiency can be achieved and also maintained over time regardless of changes in fuel and combustion air.

The MG-4000-R3 consists of two units - O2 sensor with signal amplifiers and a central unit with power supply, signal outputs, alarm outputs, and operator panel. Data communication via Modbus RTU is available as an option.

The O2 sensor, MG-4000-R3/S, which is mounted directly after the boiler in the flue pipe has small external dimensions and does not need reference gas for the calibration. The sensor is equipped with plug-in tubes with adjustable insert length and clamping coupling as a connection to the flue pipe. The sensor consists of a ZrO2 sensor, heating element, amplifier and power controlled ion pump.

Mf-4000-R3 comes with test report from quality control.

Technical Data

  • Zirconium dioxide sensor
  • Direct measurement in flue gases
  • No reference gas required
  • Calibrated in ambient air
  • Small dimensions of the measuring probe
  • Easy to install, equal to a temperature sensor
  • Easy to connect to Micatrone boiler computer MOG-1000-O2K or O2 regulator MG-O2R that has all the required control and monitoring functions for O2 control