Damper regulator MS-35M4-SR is intended for controlling and regulating rotary and lifting dampers on self-draught boilers

Damper regulator MS-35M4-SR has a robust design designed for use in boiler room applications as well as other difficult industrial environments.
The engine is equipped with a switch for operation or open position. With the switch in the open position, the burner is blocked and sweeping can be carried out.

Damper regulator MS-35M4-SR can be mounted in all positions and normally requires no maintenance.

Technical Data

  • Closes dampers completely during standstill to avoid throughput losses.
  • Starts burner against fully open damper to avoid overpressure and thus rejection of soot in the boiler room.
  • Freely adjustable limit position for optimal splint position during operation.
  • High IP rating in robust plastic enclosure of polycarbonate