Oil quantity meter type MQG-80E/MQG-200E with electronic impulse sensor for remote recording or MQ-80/MQ-200 with mechanical counter only.

For measuring used heating oil in both small and large heating plants.
Today's and tomorrow's energy prices are increasingly demanding that our heat-producing units function optimally.

With the MQG-80E or MQG-200E , which can be connected to Micatrone's MOG-1000-O2K boiler computer, mqi-1000-f energy data memory and possibly central computer system, both energy statistics and monitoring can be done automatically and valuable information can be read when adjusting and optimizing.

Technical Data

  • Capacity range 1... 50 l/h and 4... 150 l/h.
  • High pressure class, usable up to 25 bar
  • Mounted on the burner's pressure side
  • Intended for heating oil Eo 1
  • Small dimensions provide easy installation on the burner
  • Accessories for connection to oil pump and solenoid valve included
  • 7-digit mechanical counter
  • Electronic transducer for remote reading and data processing