Micaflex FHM

Expired in 2012, replaced by FHC ver 3


FHM has a two-line display with a total of 32 characters. During operation, the current speed is shown in m/s and the selected function: Normal flow, High flow, Low flow and in case of alarm, Alarm high/Alarm low.
Three LEDs indicate alarm status: Normal, Caution and Alarm.
The desired operating mode is selected via the four keys:
1. Normal flow - normal speed
2. High Flow Forced Speed
3. Low flow - low speed for
rigging, etc.
4. Test/Reset - functional test of
alarms and alarm reset.

Technical Data

The operator monitor contains the function of the sound alarm. To minimize the number of keys, programming uses the same keys. By holding down the Low Flow key for about 20 seconds, the keys switch function and open all tables for programming.
The operator monitor is connected to the Micaflex FHC control centre via a fixed cable.