Micaflex FHC ver 3


Micaflex FHA ver 3 monitors and alarms at too low air speed in the fume hood door.
FHA indicates in green that the speed exceeds the alarm limit and with red light and buzzer and relay when the alarm is activated after the set time delay.
Programming can be done for either automatic reset when the speed exceeds the alarm limit or manual reset when the speed exceeds the alarm limit.

The speed sensor FHT is a mass flow sensor and is connected to the FHA with a cable. The sensor has very good long-term stability and does not normally need to be checked more than once a year.
The speed sensor is integrated into the alarm unit and is connected by tube to the inside of the fume hood. Setting the alarm limit, time delay and alarm function is done by programming when the lid has been removed.

Technical Data

Integrated speed sensor
Transformer included
Clear alarm indication
Acoustic alarm
Potential-free alarm output