The MGN-10N is an inductive impulse sensor with NAMUR output designed for monitoring the speed of fans, shafts, stoker screws, motors, etc.
The MGN-10N is designed to be connected to the Micatrone rotary guard MN-1000.

The MGN-10N is equipped with stainless steel housing. The outer casing is threaded for adjustable fastening. LED indicator on the sensor for visual reading of impulses. Protected against connection with reverse polarity and fixed cable of 2 meters. Angle bracket included.

Technical Data

The sensor detects the presence of metal and has the highest sensitivity to ordinary non-stainless steel alloys. If the sensing plate is mounted on a non-metallic material, a thickness of 1 mm is sufficient to detect the plate. Other metals and alloys reduce the sensor's sensing distance. If any material other than steel is used for the detection, the distance to the sensor must be reduced.