Air quality - New sensor series from Micatrone

Micatrone is launching a new series of sensors for measuring and controlling air quality. First out is the MF-AQT which measures, monitors and controls CO2, relative humidity and temperature with high precision in demanding applications and environments.

MF-AQT can be equipped with a fixed sensor for room environment or a wired sensor for room/duct installation up to 40 meters from the central unit. The sensor unit has separate sensors for CO2 and humidity/temperature for highest accuracy.

The MF-AQT has four independent analog outputs (V/mA) for optional parameters, two of which can be configured as PI controllers. Two additional relay outputs are available for control or alarm. These can, for example, control dehumidification or humidification. Relay output 2 is primarily intended for high or low alarms.

The sensor can also be equipped with Modbus communication for connection to central control systems.

The MF-AQT is therefore a very flexible air quality sensor, which delivers the same reliable measurement results as Micatrone's other model range.

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