Airflow measurement

Efficient control of ventilation systems

Good indoor climate is a direct result of careful measurement and regulation of the air flow in a building's ventilation system. The measured flow in the ventilation ducts is used to regulate fan speeds, dampers and other components of the ventilation system so that the correct amount of air is allowed to circulate in the premises.

Micatrone's flow measurement system is based on differential pressure measurement. It consists of a probe for measurement in the ventilation duct and a transmitterthat performs the calculation of the airflow and converts the value into an output signal for control.

MFS - probe for measuring air flows in ventilation ducts and fan inlets

MFS - probe for airflow measurement in ventilation ducts

The MFS probe is designed to accurately measure airflow over the entire duct area. It is mounted in the ventilation duct and covers its entire width. The high difference pressure between the positive and negative sides of the probe allows for accurate measurement even of very low air speeds.

MFS-FI for measurement in fan inlets

MFS is available in several versions for measurement in both circular and rectangular ventilation ducts. It is also available for measurement in high air temperatures. There are epoxy painted or acid-proof steel versions for measurement in aggressive air or gas. MFS is available in a large number of standard lengths and can also be ordered in special lengths up to 2500 mm.

The MFS-FI is designed to measure the air flow in fan inlets.

Flow transmitters and controllers

Micaflex PFT flow transmitter

A flow sensor calculates the airflow based on the measured difference pressure over the measuring probe. The flow can be read on the display and is also converted into a linear output signal to control, control and regulate the ventilation system.

Micatrone offers a wide range of transmitters with functions suitable for all kinds of ventilation systems in both residential and office buildings, industries, hospitals and laboratories.

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