O2 measurement in boilers

Why measure the O2 content of flue gases? 

In order to optimize the combustion process in boilers, it is needed to measure and control the air supply. The O2 content of the flue gases shall be kept as low as possible - without increasing CO and NOx levels.

Optimization of combustion provides best possible fuel economy as well as positive environmental effects. Installing a reliable O2 meter is therefore a good investment that is easy to justify.


MG-4000-R3 Central Unit and Sensor

Micatrone's MG-4000-R3 O2 meter is designed for biofuel, oil or gas boilers. The system consists of a sensor with signal amplifier and a central unit with display.

The MG-4000-R3 is robustly designed to withstand both the harsh environment of boiler rooms and strict EMC regulatory requirements. Calibration of the system is done easily in the ambient air - no reference gas is necessary.