Air direction control

Ensure correct air flow direction in hospitals, clean rooms and other sensitive environments

Air flows in or out of a room depending on the relative air pressure in the room compared to the outside pressure. In sensitive environments – such as infection clinics and clean rooms – the air must never be allowed to flow in the wrong direction.  The pressure difference between the clean room and the environment outside is often small. Therefore, accurate and consistent pressure measurement of very low differential pressure is important. Micatrone's proprietary transmitters for measuring low differential pressures have been proven for a long time and are well suited as alarm or control instruments.

Micaflex PFA

The Micaflex PFA pressure transmitter equipped with the auto zero adjustment accessory and the alarm function has what is required to measure, monitor and control differential pressure down to 0.1 Pascal. The Auto Zero accessory ensures that the measurement is performed consistently over time.

Pfa can also be equipped with the OPD accessory, which is an additional remote display for reading and handling elsewhere up to ten meters from the main unit. OPD is useful when the main unit is inaccessible in, for example, a service attic or an airlock.

Application examples - Hospital halls

Room 1 - patient with infectious disease

The room must have a guaranteed negative pressure against the corridor and nearby rooms. If the pressure in the room exceeds the pressure in the corridor, infectious particles can spread out into the rest of the hospital.

Room 2 - patient with burns

The room must have a guaranteed positive pressure against the corridor and nearby rooms. If the pressure in the room is lower than the pressure in the corridor, contaminated air may flow into that patient.

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