Pressure and flow transmitters

Micatrone offers a wide range of proprietary differential pressure transmitters and controllers for measuring and regulating air pressure and air flow.

The sensors are membrane-type and are based on proven and stable technology with a long life span. Since the air never flows through the sensor, the risk of contamination and wear is limited. Micatrone's sensors therefore work great both in air with high particle content and at high air temperatures.

It's important to choose a transmitter that includes all the features you need and that has the right pressure range for what you're going to measure. As a rule of thumb, the measuring range of the sensor should exceed the maximum measured differential pressure by approximately 20 per cent. Our calculation tool helps you determine the correct measuring range for your sensor. Calculation tool

Overview - functions, pressure and flow transmitters

Auto Zero - automatic zero setting for low air flow measurement

Micatrone's transmitters can with the right accessories measure very small differential pressures with high accuracy. In these cases, one should choose a transmitter with the accessory Auto Zero, which ensures accurate and consistent measurement over time. Micatrone's transmitters can be used in applications to measure differential pressure of only a few Pascals.