Fume hood control

Safety ventilation

Safety ventilation is used to vent airborne pollutants and thereby create a safe working environment in the laboratory. Many dangerous substances are neither visible nor emit fragrance. Therefore, it is important that the safety ventilation is reliable and effective.

Fume hoods are a common form of safety ventilation used both in commercial laboratories, hospitals and in educational facilities such as schools and universities. The fume hood vents harmful substances in the air inside the cabinet and prevents them from leaking into the laboratory.

The regulations for safety ventilation differ slightly in different countries. A general guideline is the air velocity of the fume hood opening shall be at least 0,5 m/s in order for the device to offer adequate protection.

Micatrone's fume hood control system

Micatrone's proprietary fume hood control system ensures sufficient air velocity in the sash opening regardless of its position - to the lowest possible energy consumption. Changing conditions are regulated quickly and accurately - the running time for a 90° adjustment of the damper is only 1.5 seconds. This ensures a safe working environment outside the control cabinet.

The system consists of:

  • Operator panel FHI
  • Control Centre FHC
  • Velocity sensor FHT
  • High speed actuator HSA24-3P
  • Control damper HSD

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